Vorstellung des HOSPIMAT

Wir bei EFFIMAT haben die Vision, die Intralogistik zu revolutionieren, neu zu definieren und zu überdenken.

Stavanger HospiMat

Effimat wird neue Technologie an Krankenhaus in Stavanger liefern

Insgesamt 4 HospiMaten und 5 EffiMaten werden eingesetzt. Zwei dieser Türme werden mit 38.5m die Höchsten der  Welt sein.

Stavanger HospiMat

EffiMat will supply new technology to hospital in Stavanger

As the first hospital in the country, SUS2023 will use lift-based robots for storage of beds and hospital supplies with a total of 4 HospiMat and 5 EffiMat.


Introducing The HOSPIMAT

At EFFIMAT, we have a vision to revolutionize, redefine and rethink intralogistics and for the past few years, we have been working on a new solution that will complement the Hospitals of tomorrow.


The two weeks post Modex 2020


Case: OFI Testing Equipment – Finding the optimal storage solution

Expand the facility and hire more people or optimize the processes of those employees who already works in the warehouse – that was the challenge OFITE faced when they were growing.