85% space saving


Aunsbjerg decided to invest in a warehouse robots, the ClassicMat™.

Classicmat lagerroboter vlm

Aunsbjerg is an innovative and dynamic car dealer that makes a great effort to keep up with the rapid development in the car industry. Aunsbjerg has chosen to install a warehouse robot as part of their new stock solution, resulting in a precious reduction of both, time and space. Aunsbjerg now saves 85% of space compared to traditional shelf storage and therefore has the ability to use most of their square meters in a large exhibition area. With a compressed warehouse, quick access to the products is also available, which benefits customers in terms of reduced time consumption.

classicmat more than a vlm

Watch our videos on how automated material handling systems from EffiMat Storage Technology A/S utilize vertical height, densely storing more product than rack and shelving here.

More information about the ClassicMat™ HERE.

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