EffiMat Storage Technology A/S

Intelligent order picking and storage systems for small parts

EffiMat Storage Technology provides efficient day-to-day parts management across the entire value chain. Discover more about the pioneer for automated high-speed order picking.

We made it our mission to ensure that efficient small parts management becomes a daily routine at every point in the value chain.

As a pioneer in the field of automated high-speed order picking, we have been offering innovative logistics solutions for efficient storage and needs-based order picking since 2011.

Whether for small, medium, or large companies, whether for logistics, E-Commerce or industry: Wherever small parts are being processed, we provide tailored solutions for their handling and storage, combined with a new level of efficiency, flexibility, picking accuracy, and automation capacity.


WIP Buffer SystemAutomated Storage and retrieval


With its patented intelligent Box Mover Technology, the EffiMat® is revolutionizing the picking of small parts in terms of flexibility and speed. The ClassicMat™ supplements the portfolio with a vertical storage lift for classic warehouse environments, particularly for long and heavy items .

EffiMat Storage Technology at a glance:

  • EffiMat Storage Technology was founded in 2011 by Jørgen Flemming Ladefoged, the current CEO.
  • We are located in Odense, Denmark’s “Robotic Valley” and a hotspot for innovations in the field of automation.
  • We are represented in 15 countries around the world.
  • A network of almost 20 partners covers our product sales, integration, and service around the world.
  • We currently employ some 40 members of staff – trending upwards.

Would you like to optimize your small parts storage or order picking? We will find the right solution for you and would be happy to advise you: 

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