Case studies

At EFFIMAT we have a wide range of customers. You will meet everything from Hospital and Hotels to Production and 3PLs. Below you will find case studies on some of our customers and learn how we helped them solve their challenges.

OFITE and EffiMat fusion for storage optimization

Case: OFI Testing Equipment – Finding the optimal storage solution

Expand the facility and hire more people or optimize the processes of those employees who already works in the warehouse – that was the challenge OFITE faced when they were growing.
ClassicMat EffiMat combining warehouse storage optimization

Case: Optimizing throughput efficiency by 514%.

By Bringing goods to man, instead of man to goods, through a combination of ClassicMat™ and EffiMat®, a manufacturing and distribution customer gained a 514% higher throughput efficiency.
Returns Systems EffiMat

Returns system in Ecommerce

Why it is important to invest cleverly in e-commerce infrastructure and logistics
Cykelpartner screenshot from webpage

Case: – A future-oriented mindset have been able to fulfil their ambitions of a highly comprised warehouse, with a high picking speed and a fast access to the products.
Aunsbjerg - ClassicMat 85 % space saving

Case: Aunsbjerg – 85 % space saving.

Aunsbjerg is now saving up to 85% space compared to tradtional shelf storage and has therefore been able to use most of their square metres on a large showroom.
Ejner Hessel storage optimization

Case: Ejner Hessel – Optimizing space

Ejner Hessel A/S has Equipped themselves for the future by integrating Storage Robots.