Company profile 

EffiMat Storage Technology was founded in 2011. We produce and deliver automatic and flexible solutions, for handling and storing small parts. We are setting new standards for picking speed, safety, quality, operational reliability and flexibility. Our name origins from our key product – the revolutionary EffiMat®.

What we do

The possibilities for storage optimization is always the starting point for our work and we strive to increase the effectivity on all sizes of companies with automated picking systems of high speed. Our products and counselling are the solution to many of the storage -and logistics challenges that companies encounter in everyday life. All of our solutions are made specifically for the customer and are therefore unique.

Our Team

We have around 40 employees and our colleagues are from all over the world. Our work environment is therefore characterized by a high level of diversity and inspiring differences. We are an ambitious company in constant development and with an international mindset. Our strategy is long-term and based on experienced and skilled employees within the intralogistics area.

The HQ

Our head office is situated in Tietgenbyen, Odense, Denmark. A very unique spot! The city of Odense has gotten itself a nickname: “Robotic Valley”. And the robotics environment is equally vibrant and inspiring. Even though we are based in the middle of Denmark, we are present all over the world, due to our installations and partners, which can be found in 15 different countries.

Our core values are:

FAST – Our products are characterized by speed

FLEXIBLE – Our products are flexible in use

FUN – Relations and a positive attitude makes a real difference

With EXCELLENT QUALITY as the foundation for everything.


“EffiMat Storage Technology A/S provides efficient day-to-day parts management across the entire value chain.”


Intelligent order picking and storage systems for small parts

We made it our mission to ensure that efficient small parts management becomes a daily routine at every point in the value chain.

As a pioneer in the field of automated high-speed order picking, we have been offering innovative logistics solutions for efficient storage and needs-based order picking since 2011.

Whether for small, medium, or large companies, whether for logistics, e-commerce or industry: Wherever small parts are being processed, we provide tailored solutions for their handling and storage, combined with a new level of efficiency, flexibility, picking accuracy, and automation capacity. Our product sortiment consists of EffiMat®ClassicMat™ and EffiSoft.

Product sortiment 

With its patented intelligent Box Mover Technology, the EffiMat®  is revolutionizing the picking of small parts in terms of flexibility and speed.

The ClassicMat™ supplements the portfolio with a vertical storage lift for classic warehouse environments, particularly for long and heavy items.

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EffiMat Storage Technology A/S
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