• EffiMat Business Case


In order to help you make a qualified and fact based decision on your investment, EFFIMAT offers access to a business case calculator. 

The purpose is to review data in order to match the right technology with your operation. 

The calculator generates an overview of throughput & storage requirements, labor needs and ABC analytics on components. It takes your order mix into account.

Based on the data analytics, the calculator recommends a solution which mirrors your KPIs and presents the ROI calculation based on:​​

  • Throughput speed
  • Cost per pick
  • Labor hour consumption 
  • Orders per day
  • Future scenarios

This ensures the right solutions with a transparent solution performance 



  • Expected Throughput speed 
  • Labor consumption
  • Orders per day per operator
  • Surplus capacity for future growth

When using the advanced analytics, it analyze the entire process from inbound to outbound. (Including time spend on replenishment etc.)  

Effimat KPI calculator
Effimat cash flow savings

Step one – Data analysis

  • ABC analysis​
  • Daily orders, orderliness order profile​
  • Labour required
Screendump from Excel spreadsheet
Crunching the numbers with Effimat ROI calculator

Step two – Process Analysis

Crunching the numbers with Effimat ROI calculator

Step three – Suggestion to solution

Savings with Effimat ROI calculator
Effimat graph

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Other cases

Cykelpartner screenshot from webpage

Case: Cykelpartner.dk – A future-oriented mindset

Cykelpartner.dk have been able to fulfil their ambitions of a highly comprised warehouse, with a high picking speed and a fast access to the products.
Aunsbjerg - ClassicMat 85 % space saving

Case: Aunsbjerg – 85 % space saving

Aunsbjerg is now saving up to 85% space compared to tradtional shelf storage and has therefore been able to use most of their square metres on a large showroom.