EFFIMAT revolutionizes hotel industry with new solution for Hotel Scandic Spectrum

EFFIMAT develops high-tech products that, among other things, can handle and store trolleys of linen, which in a high shaft can ensure much greater efficiency for hotels.

In collaboration with the developer behind Scandic Spectrum, EFFIMAT has developed a new high-tech robotic storage solution for hotels, that optimises the flow of linen in the new hotel, as well as keeping track of stock and re-order levels. The solution is made to fit the shafts with a lift that can store 48 linen trolleys in each of the two shafts.

“The solution frees up a lot of space on each floor, so Scandic’s future Hotel Spectrum in Copenhagen now has room for 10 more rooms. This is a considerable increase in capacity, while at the same time providing a simple and efficient overview.

Inside of Scandic with the Effimat

Subsequently, we have developed the software so that instead of counting linen manually, the system continuously checks the stock of linen, the upcoming occupancy of the hotel and orders new clean linen from the supplier,” explains Per Østergård Jensen, Sales Manager, EFFIMAT, adding that at Scandic Spectrum the shaft is 33 meters high.

Effimat robot efficiency for Hotel Scandic

One solution with endless possibilities

The solution has been developed based on a need from several industries, such as hospitals, where there is a need for many trolleys with meals or cleaning items, etc. In addition, it can also be used in a production that takes place on several floors, says Per Østergård Jensen: “The solution was originally intended for hotels, but there is great interest – also from abroad. Many industries are interested in these automated solutions, which save time and resources. We are convinced that we will see significant growth in this area in the near future.”

Ready with new innovative solution

With the new solution in place in Scandic Spectrum, we are confident to see more referrals as the solution offers benefits in more rooms and the operation will be significantly more efficient.
“We are ready to offer the solution for new buildings, but it can also be used in existing buildings where an existing lift shaft simply needs to be converted. It is a good investment with a quick payback time due to space optimization, as well as cost savings in daily operations and high efficiency.” says Per Østergård Jensen.