EffiMat will supply new technology to hospital in Stavanger

Stavanger Universitets Sykehus has recently put the last signature for a €7.4 Mio project. As the first hospital in the country, SUS2023 – which is the projects name – will use lift-based robots for storage of beds and hospital supplies with a total of 4 HospiMat and 5 EffiMat. Two of the towers will, with their 38,5 meters, become the world’s tallest

The 4 HospiMat will be able to deliver clean beds at each floor and send the used ones back down for cleaning. This will save personnel a lot of time.

The 5 EffiMat will handle the hospital supplies needed in the various departments of the hospital. Dedicated personnel will pick supplies from the EffiMat and make sure that both EffiMat and the departments’ stations are sufficiently filled. The EffiMat will be replenished directly from the main warehouse in the hospital’s lower floor.

Read more about how The HospiMat optimizes hospital logistics.

Stavanger Universitets Sykehus is the first hospital in Norway that will benefit from automated solutions like this. The goal is for employees to be able to retrieve clean beds faster and easier and send off used in the bed-lift.

The solution will contribute to optimal and cost-efficient inventory management and flow of supplies where especially supply readiness is taken care of. It will save time and streamline hospital logistics so that clinical personnel are released for more patient-friendly tasks.

Anything but a VLM

The speed of the EffiMat was one of the main drivers for SUS. They wanted to make sure that personnel were not spending time on waiting nor walking.

By picking 25 items on 3 different level in one EffiMat of 38,5 meters, the total of 75 items will be picked in 7 minutes. If the hospital had applied a traditional VLM this would have taken 23 minutes which once again shows that the EffiMat is anything but a VLM.

We look forward to following the construction of the hospital and to deliver the solution in 2023.


  • The first stage of construction of the hospital will be ready in 2023.
  • The building is planned to be 105,000 square meters
  • The total cost for the new hospital will be approx. € 860.000.000 (2023).
  • 4 HospiMat towers will hold 175 beds
  • EffiMat will handle 5000 boxes in a mix of 12, 17 and 22 cm