EffiPeople #2


Welcome to Palle Maschoreck

Get ready for the second round of EffiPeople! The next couple of times are dedicated to introducing a bunch of new, great people – because our team is currently growing wild. We are experiencing a period of serious busyness with a lot of new orders and exciting things in the making, and we want to be able to keep up and still deliver our well-known level of high quality. So we went soul-searching a little and acknowledged, that it was time to add even more power to an already pretty terrific team. We are firm believers in continuous development and that a great team is one of the crucial factors for making this development happen, so we are strongly convinced that we should have all prerequisites for taking the future by storm.

The first person to step into the spotlight is our new Head of Sales & Marketing: Palle Maschoreck. We had a little talk with him that touches upon everything from Harvard to a love for liquorice. Enjoy!

Hi Palle! Let’s start with your professional background –  tell us a bit about that?

I graduated as a Cand.Mag with a postgraduate education from Harvard. I’ve been working within sales, sales management, sales training and marketing for the last 15 years.  

That is a good deal of experience – why did you want to become a part of EffiMat?

I wanted to work in a entrepreneurial start-up environment, preferably within the modern industry and the robot business.

What kind of strengths do you contribute with as an employee?

I’m constructive, solution-oriented, positive and then I really try to bring the best up in my colleagues. I put the team above my own personal needs and then I’m capable of translating the term “the customer in focus” into reality and action. I also set demands for myself and my colleagues.

What are your primary work tasks?

Sales management – It is my job to ensure that we increase our sales and our variable profit ratios.  

What was your first impression of our company?

Very exciting, room for differences and an endless amount of possibilities!

How has your first time at EffiMat been?

Hectic, unpredictable and exciting. I go to bed at night feeling both tired and happy! 

What kind of expectations do you have for your future here?

I’m stubborn! I would like to be the one who, along with my team, bring us into the Premier League!

Time for one of the classics… Describe the culture at EffiMat with three words?

 Entrepreneurial, informal and constructive.

And just to end on a goofy note… Share a fun fact about yourself?

There should always be liquorice within my reach! I also really like a good ribeye with a good, South African red wine…

Lastly, we would just like to wish Palle a proper WELCOME to our little, fast-moving company. We are absolutely sure, that Palle will be a significant part of the EffiMat journey. Next time we’ll put another new team member in the spotlight, so stay tuned.

We wish you a nice day from the EffiMat headquarters and now we are going to return to the bowl of liquorice (yes, that is a thing in our office).

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