Electronic production and logistics combined!

It is difficult to find any other industry than the SMT industry, with a high variety of high-tech machines. Whether it is in the field of mounting, printing or in the fast-developing range of inspection systems, there are several machines and technologies. Every year, those systems come up with impressive improvements with even faster cycle times, higher accuracy and more possibilities of error-detection and prevention.

Electronic Production

But how can you stand out and make a difference compared to your competitors?

At Effimat Storage Technology A/S we try to look at the processes as a whole and we still see a lot of potential for improvement, especially within intralogisticsin the ways of providing material and supplying the production lines.  

One of the things we typically see is that the production facilities does not utilize the vertical space. Often, we experience that there is a large free space from the racks where employees are picking, to the actual top of the building. This means that the traditional racks will have a large footprint in the facilities and therefor employees spend a significant amount of time, looking for material and bringing it from A to B.  

Obviously, those activities consume a lot of time, but inevitably there are also many mistakes happening as well: Especially in a production environment where you always have a certain amount of time pressure and everything is coordinated. It happens that employees pick the wrong component reels or that material is not in the correct location. – You probably know these problems. 


That is exactly, what we at Effimat Storage Technology A/S want to approach with our solutions. The EffiMat® , the fastest and most efficient storage system for small parts on the market, addresses exactly the issues mentioned above. With a modular design and a height of up to 24 meters, the EffiMat® finds accommodation in any manufacturing environment: It helps optimizing storage space, increases picking processes and reduces errors.

The boxes in the EffiMat® are stored individually and due to its Box Mover Technology, the EffiMat® brings down the 5 requested boxes you will need, no matter their location in the tower. This takes away picking mistakes as the employee only gets the items they will need presented, and the operator screen will help them in terms of number of items.  

But it is getting even better than that!

With everyone talking about Industry 4.0, you might want to invest into systems, which are giving you advantages in the long run and are still usable in future. But especially at a time where automation and digitalization become more important than ever, the EffiMat® takes its deserved place. Automatically storing and replenishment of boxes by AGVs, mobile robots, or conveyor solutions are no problem! Automatic picking and consolidation by Cobots are possible! Obviously, you can also integrate the EffiMat® into any ERP or Warehouse Management System.  

All these possibilities makes the EffiMat® the ideal production buffer, sequencer, small parts warehouse and so on…

If you would like to know more about how we can help you or how we have already helped other leading electronic manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us or meet us at Productronica from November 12-15, 2019 in Munich! At the show you will experience the EffiMat® live. Meet us in hall B2 at stand No. 231. We look forward to seeing you.   

If you need tickets for the exhibition, please contact Vincent Gerspach at vg@effimat.com