Ergonomic picking


Recently, ergonomics has been one of the large topics and focus areas in both production companies, but also among others in storage at e-commerce companies. Good ergonomic solutions have shown both to improve work environment but also a derived impact on the companies’ economic results.

Lately especially the Nordic countries have had focus on ergonomics at production companies. The cause is that there has been a greater pressure on employees, in relation to challenging picks, heavy lifting and poor standing underlay.

The heavy lifting, in some companies, have made it hard to find and maintain employees whom are willing to work under those conditions. Fortunately, legislation’s have helped and today the employer are obliged to prevent employees from getting exposed to physical stressful work, which in the long term can be a health hazard.

Ergonomics EffiMat

The challenging lifting and movements can also take place at e-commerce businesses, where the employee have to lift heavy boxes, walk a long distance between storage spaces and have picks in many different heights.

Numbers from Arbejdstilsynet (the Danish labor inspectorate) show that up towards one fourth of all sick leave are caused by physically congested employees.

Arbejdstilsynet also state that “Preventing muscle and skeleton trouble employees are maintained at the workplace. This contributes to less sick leave and the human consequences by having muscle and skeleton trouble decreases. This may have a positive meaning for your productivity and in the end your bottom line.”

Automated ergonomic solutions can help solve these challenges. But what does it mean to have an automated ergonomic solution? And how do you know if you pick the right one?

Take our EffiMat® robot for an example. It is a unique storage solution which enables fast delivery of unique articles.

The solution prevents first of all the employees from walking long distances, because it enables the height to be utilized at the storage facilities, and the EffiMat® brings down the wanted boxes. Furthermore, this prevents possible accidents, when employees not have to be climbing ladders to get the wanted articles.

Simultaneously the solution is limited, so that each box only can contain up to 25 kg. This prevents the individual employee from very heavy lifting. If this, for the employee, still are a challenge, the EffiMat® enables you to combine conveyor systems, resulting in no lifting at all.

This mean, that the solution makes it both easier and more ergonomic for the employees to pick articles, than the traditional racking.

This is just one example of many possible automated storage solutions which can optimize the conditions for the companies’ employees.

Curios about the EffiMat®? See our film about picking here.

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