Get a glimpse of the process: The storage robots are on their way to Billund Airport

The storage robots which will be playing a central role in the new multi-house at Billund Airport, are already on their way and a significant part of the new initiatives which will be securing that the airport is fully equipped to continue their growth and the streak of record years.

The storage robots will enable more efficient work processes in the Taxfreeshop and make it possible for the employees in Taxfreeon the 2ndfloor to pick goods directly from the storage robots.

This will make BillundAirport able to fully utilize the capacity in the new multi-house and optimize a long line of work procedures.  You can read more about the storage robots and their impact on the airport right here.   

The two EffiMat® towers arecurrently beingbuilt.We have always found this process quite interesting and here you can catch a glimpse of how it all plays out.   

The construction of the storage robots is expected to be done by week 27 and the entire reconstruction of the airport is scheduled to be finished by October 2019 

Billund Airport Multihouse
Billund Airport Multihouse vertical lift automation
Billund Airport Multihouse with Effimat automation