Highlighting Industry 4.0 – a key technology of our era

The 14thto 17thof May we will be participating at Industry Days, Budapest with our partner Delta Robotics. We will be showcasing our EffiMat® and tell how it can be implemented in different ways, to gain different values.

When talking about our EffiMat® we strive to highlight that is not just a traditional vertical lift module, and that is also one of the reasons to why we think that it is important to showcase the EffiMat® at tradeshows like this.

Industry Days in Budapest - 4.0 industry

Understanding the market

By experience, we know that these tradeshows are not only about showcasing and selling a product. It is also about understanding the market and its trends. At this particular one, the focus is the trends leaning towards Industry 4.0.

By understanding the demands, we are much better equipped to support our customers in their decision process regarding implementation of automation elements. This will also make us be better at what we do and understanding how to give value to the customer.

We look forward to supporting our partner and to learn how we can give value to the Hungarian market.

Follow the link, to learn more about our EffiMat®

We hope to see you at Industry Days in Budapest.