Introducing SINA

8 key players within the robotics industry have joined forces to reinvent intralogistics by creating a new comprehensive concept for production assemply. SINA stands for Smart Kitting Solution for INtralogistics Automation – a solution that automates the intralogistics and material handling from inbound to the finished, delivered kitted items at the production lines / work cells JIT (just in time).

A new solution for production environments

The central automated buffer system, EffiMat, is equipped with two UR10e cobot arms for kitting that ensures unparralleled picking speed which enable the solution to meet any production tact time.

The Piab Mini Cobot Gribber (MCG) with MX suction cup combined with the AI-based system ensures industry leading pick, hit rates and uptime. The finished kit can be buffered in the Effimat until needed at the production lines. Once it is needed, the finished kitted box is retrieved automatically simultaneously with the UR10e picking the next kits.

The retrieval on the rear side of the EffiMat to the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) MiR250 from MiR with a TR 125 Top roller from ROEQ, ensures industry leading delivery speed without need of manual labor. The entire solution is created with safety at highest level with SICK sBot nanoScan 3, that ensures flexible and safe environment around the SINA solution. Ecosphere has as the integrator succeeded to connect the highly advanced SINA solution at industrys shortest lead time.

Introducing SINA - A new solution for production environments