Introducing The HOSPIMAT

At EFFIMAT, we have a vision to revolutionize, redefine and rethink intralogistics and for the past few years, we have been working on a new solution that will complement the Hospitals of tomorrow. The solution is called HOSPIMAT and what it does is revolutionary to the Hospitals industry.

Hospimat for hospital automation

Revolutionizing Hospital Logistics

It is a solution that handles and stores hospital beds vertically. HOSPIMAT is designed to not only store hospital beds in the shaft where it is typically placed, but also handle transport of the beds, meaning that the solution makes it possible to access and deliver the beds on several floors. This makes HOSPIMAT efficient and highly optimized.

But in fact, storing the beds is only a small part of the solution. The revolutionary part is the intelligence the solution and its software possess. Together with the solution, the software enables full control and traceability of the flow of clean and dirty beds.

In addition, HOSPIMAT has also been developed to integrate with future technology, such as AGVs, etc.

Spending time on the patients

The idea behind HOSPIMAT is to release hands so that the staff who have previously been involved in handling the beds can now spend their time on far more important tasks in the hospitals, namely, to make sure the patients are well and get well faster.

We look forward to telling you much more about HOSPIMAT and one of our upcoming projects.

HOSPIMAT for the hospitals of tomorrow and today.