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Effimat headquarters in Odense

Have a great summer

The summer holidays always provide us with some added energy and drive for the remaining year.
Billund Airport Multihouse

Get a glimpse of the process at Billund Airport

The storage robots which will be playing a central role in the new multi-house at Billund Airport, are already on their way and a significant part of the new initiatives
Billund Airport logitics

Storage robots will be a part of the new multi-house at Billund Airport

The airport is therefore expanding the terminal with a new multi-house, and Tax-free will be engaging in a close collaboration with storage robots.
Optimizing Hospital Logistics

Optimizing Hospital Logistics

med.Logistica is a tradeshow concerned with the whole spectrum of hospital logistics and dedicated to the optimization of hospital procedures.
Industry Days in Budapest - 4.0 Industry
Effimat storage optimization

Danish potential is the alternative to outsourcing

An efficient production is essential to every successful supply Chain. Maybe, you have considered, how your production can reach its full potential?
ProMAT Supply Chain
Transport with a logistic touch