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Producing and delivering a product or a service is one of the most important activities in any company. At Effimat, we have a vision to revolutionize, redefine and rethink intralogistics and therefore we want to inspire others to be the most efficient and successful in their industry.

Imagine if your company could optimize the production, eliminate picking errors, reduce space requirements, and optimize the supply chain.

Here you can find news and knowledge about automated picking systems, issues in supply chain management and how to overcome the challenges your company is facing.


EffiMat Storage Technology becomes EFFIMAT

It started with an idea to disrupt the traditional Vertical Lift Module. The EffiMat® was developed and a new era began.
FDIH E-handelskonferenncen

Meet us at E-handelskonferencen the 29th of October

Virtual events are here to stay, and we are excited to be attending the E-commerce conference the 29th of October.
Stavanger HospiMat - hospital storage optimization

EFFIMAT will supply new technology to hospital in Stavanger

As the first hospital in the country, SUS2023 will use lift-based robots for storage of beds and hospital supplies with a total of 4 HospiMat and 5 EffiMat.
Hospimat for hospital automation

Introducing The HOSPIMAT

At EFFIMAT, we have a vision to revolutionize, redefine and rethink intralogistics and for the past few years, we have been working on a new solution that will complement the Hospitals of tomorrow.
Returns Systems EffiMat

Returns system in Ecommerce

Why it is important to invest cleverly in e-commerce infrastructure and logistics
Modex exhibition

The two weeks post Modex 2020

It has been two weeks since we returned from the Modex 2020 exhibition in Atlanta. Modex was in many ways very different to us than other exhibitions.
IMHX exhibition

Its exhibition season

The fall is always a busy time for us and we have participated in no less than eight exhibitions and event over the past few months.
Electronics production

Electronic production and logistics combined

We try to look at the processes as a whole and we still see a lot of potential for improvement, especially within intralogistics

IMHX – Reducing costs and maximizing supply chain

IMHX is the largest event in the UK for professionals within the logistics, supply chain and materials handling industries.