The vertical lift module for greater efficiency at top speed

The ClassicMat™ ensures efficient storage optimization. The vertical storage lift saves space, operates at an exceptional picking speed, and offers an ergonomic picking height for your employees.

  • Save up to 85% space
  • Compact storage for long and heavy items
  • High quality and reliability due to the rack and pinion principle
  • The system electronically monitors the shelf weight and displays it to the operator
  • Classic vertical storage lift with high vertical driving speed
  • Automatically optimized running speed relative to bearing load
  • Simple configuration does not require planning for the article’s storage location
  • Simple integration into already existing warehouse management systems
  • Well-placed safety light barriers for safe picking
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)


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A vertical lift module for greater flexibility and storage efficiency

The ClassicMat™ optimizes your material flow while storing a multitude of articles in the most compact way possible. When combined with a high vertical driving speed, the end result is remarkable efficiency and picking speed. The space-saving storage system cuts space requirements by up to 85 percent compared to traditional shelf-storage. It is particularly suitable for handling heavy and long items up to 4m, ensuring flexible storage. The optional tilt function for improved ergonomics allows your employees to work in the optimal position and ensures a beneficial picking height. The ClassicMat™ features control panels at eye level on the front of the lift for intuitive operation.

The intelligent warehouse management system

EffiSoft™ is a finely tuned option for the ClassicMat™. The software has a simple integration to all ERP systems and supports both simple and advanced logistics solutions. EffiSoft™ can manage order picking systems, vertical storage lifts and manual picking locations. This allows you to achieve effective product flow management, increased efficiency and picking speed, due to order structure analysis (leading to lower error rates). At the same time, it provides automated stock checking and inventory counting.

No chance for disturbances

EffiCare™ gives you on-site services and maintenance work by competent and experienced service technicians. You will have remote access, at both software and at PCL level inside the system, which allows you to deploy proactive monitoring and to remedy faults before they result in downtime. Likewise, this allows us to serve you with fast, dependable and efficient consultations.

Individual requirements, individual solutions

Order picking systems and storage systems for small parts are beneficial when they are customized to fit individual challenges. This is the only way to structure the work steps from goods receipt to dispatch more efficient. We will gladly support you with our experience in storage technology and innovative logistics solutions in order to develop the ideal solution for your company, covering all your demands and requirements.

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