Efficient small parts management. No more picking errors.

The EffiMat® is the ideal solution for every company dealing in small parts with order structures that involve volumes. All peripherals can be tailored according to individual customer requirements.

  • Output of up to 200 boxes an hour
  • Three times higher picking performance
  • Zero picking errors
  • Automated storage and removal of boxes possible
  • Boxes available in various heights and subdivisions
  • Space reductions of up to 75 percent
  • Handles standard boxes (400mm x 600mm)
  • Easy configuration and less planning input for the storage
  • High flexibility allows seamless connection to additional units of the EffiMat®, conveyor belts and robots
  • Patented Box Mover Technology
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

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A multi-functional order picking system– what lies behind it?

The intelligent and patented Box Mover Technology allows the EffiMat® to dynamically  handle standard boxes and to operate both vertically and horizontally. This results in an increased picking performance of at least three times higher than conventional vertical storage lifts. The order picking system is able to give out up to five different standard boxes containing different product numbers or items in each working cycle. The height of the boxes and the partitioning can be varied to allow intelligent pre-sorting of small parts. Barcode scanning already prevents errors during placement into storage. The withdrawal is supported by the Pick-by-Light procedure and ensures error-free and user-friendly picking. The EffiMat® can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a standard element in an individual complete solution. Storage automation and robotics are easy to add.

The intelligent warehouse management system

EffiSoft™ is a finely tuned option for the EffiMat®. The software has a simple integration to all ERP systems and supports both simple and advanced logistics solutions. EffiSoft™ can manage both order picking systems, vertical storage lifts and manual picking locations. This allows you to achieve effective product flow management, increased efficiency and picking speed, due to order structure analysis (leading to lower error rates). At the same time, it provides automated stock checking and inventory counting.

No chance for disturbances

EffiCare™ gives you on-site services and maintenance work by competent and experienced service technicians. You will have remote access, at both software and PLC level inside the system, which allows you to deploy proactive monitoring and to remedy faults before they result in downtime. Moreover, we will provide you with fast, dependable and efficient consultations.

Individual requirements, individual solutions

Order picking systems and storage systems for small parts are beneficial when they are customized to fit individual challenges. This is the only way to structure the work steps from goods receipt to dispatch more efficient. We will gladly support you with our experience in storage technology and innovative logistics solutions in order to develop the ideal solution for your company, covering all your demands and requirements.

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