Production buffer, automation, LEAN – call it what you want!

Imagine if your company could optimize the production, eliminate picking errors, reduce space requirements and optimize the supply chain.

We often experience that our customers in the production industry use around 40% of their labor on internal logistics. Manual processes where components are being moved around, re-packed and primed for the next part of the process.

It’s not only timid, but also costly and space requiring. The manual processes furthermore equal an increased risk of errors. We will try to explain how to avoid that, by using the EffiMat® as a Production Buffer.

The logistics challenges

We all have the same goals, which is to satisfy our customers at the lowest possible cost.

With automation and the lean principles, it will save peoples time and be safer for the employees, lower costs and the production facilities will be exploited.

It is crucial for your company to analyze the production flow and have a supply chain strategy to optimize in the best possible way and gain efficiency and production value. Imagine if you could remove any non-value or low-value activities, cut down on the waste and still maintain a good quality. Automation will also give competitive advantage and give a more accurate visibility from the workforce.

Automated Industry 4.0 is the implementation of  new technology that gives automation a totally new and higher level of productivity, efficiency, and visibility. The manual processes equal an increased risk of errors. We will try to explain how to avoid that, by using the EffiMat® as a Production Buffer.

We experience how companies have challenges with their outbound logistics, once the products have been produced. Different products need to be stored, handled, packed and sent out to thousands of different customers, who all have different deliveries.

A lean production is about optimizing the internal logistic and material handling; it’s about reducing waste – waste in processes and in production errors. This does not necessarily mean a fully automated production with robots everywhere; and it does not have to cost a minor fortune either. It’s a matter of making the processes as simple and effective as possible.

EffiMat® enables a chaos entry and a systematic egress and is suitable for optimizing most supply chains. The EffiMat® is fast, precise, can be integrated with common ERP-systems and can be placed closed to the line of production. The EffiMat® is therefore ideal for both incoming and outcoming logistics, as well as in storage and production coherence.