Scarce space requires new ideas


Challenges for e-commerce

E-commerce is growing and, at the same time, the logistic complexity as well. Do you also know the challenge of space shortage of new dispatch centers?

Modern distribution centers are growing parallel to online trading. Without a doubt, the place is getting scarcer. Every few minutes, thousands of parcels are delivered – where are they stored or forwarded? Large logistics centers need a lot of space, just for the storage of items, but also for delivery roads and parking places.

In addition to the limited space, the specific requirements are added. Not only there are a lot of large volumes in circulation, but they also need to be shipped to the customer even faster. But not enough. The variety of the assortment is becoming wider and will be shipped in even small quantities.

Automation techniques are used to handle the increasing number of orders and fast delivery times. But what exactly can face these challenges?

Short delivery times have the highest priority for e-commerce. At the same time, how do you manage to lengthen a set of products in a compact and orderly way, and at the same time send them precisely and quickly?
Here a new solution is needed.

Nowadays, storing goods vertically is no longer a problem. This is where a ClassicMat ™ can help. It can store compact a variety of products and simplify commissioning with the “goods to person” principle. Also removal openings on several floors are possible. The hall height can be optimally utilized. But if additional precision, a zero picking error rate and high speed are needed, the EffiMat® is the optimal solution. The commissioning robot presents up to 200 boxes in one hour. It provides exactly the items needed for the new order.

Advantages of the EffiMat®:

  • Presents 200 boxes an hourEffimat order picking
  • Triples picking rate and minimize picking errors
  • Reduces footprint by up to 75%
  • The boxes inside the lift can vary in height and be subdivided
  • Simple configuration and limited planning of product locations
  • Automated refill
  • High flexibility enables integration between multiple EffiMat®, conveyors and robots
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark, with attractive Scandinavian industrial design
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)





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