Taking supply chain to the next level

From the 8th-11th of April we will be attending the ProMat show with our partner SI Systems. At the expo we will be showcasing our EffiMat® which has been shipped all the way from our HQ in Odense, DK.

The ProMat show is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North and South America and we expect to meet up with a lot of people in the industry.


Spreading knowledge about the EffiMat

For us the expo is about showcasing our product to the US market, but it is also about showing the market how it can optimize parts of the supply chain by integrating the EffiMat®. We are focused on how the EffiMat®can add efficiency through side-by-side work with humans, how it can improve speed and accuracy of routine operations, increase worker productivity etc.

We believe that the supply chain of the future is likely to see a continued growth in automation, which in the end allows employees to shift to higher value work.

For more information about how to optimize your supply chain, contact our salespersonel.

US: Scott Morgan ssm@effimat.com

The North: Jes Jakobsen jbj@effimat.com

Germany: Vincent Gerspach vg@effimat.com

Other regions: Palle Maschoreck pm@effimat.com