Save Warehouse Space and Increase Efficiency With Automated Storage Solutions

EffiMat® is the ideal Automated Storage Solution for any business that needs to handle subcomponents of a complex order structure. EffiMat® integrates with your production system and delivers specific components for specific phases of production – faster than any other system.

The ability of both large and present parts and goods in production or distribution makes EffiMat® a revolutionary solution that can save both labor, space, money and time in most supply chains.

  • Output: Up to 250 boxes per. hour
  • 3 times faster picking of goods
  • No-fault pick
  • Automatic, simple and quick filling of components
  • Simple and intuitive interface for quick training of employees
  • Possibility of storing boxes of different sizes
  • Seamless integration with conveyor belts, robots, and other EffiMat® units
  • Patented Intelligent Box Mover Technology
  • Fixed ROI
EffiMat storage robot technology

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