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EFFIMAT 24/7 service with remote support

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Flexible, reliable and skilled service

Wear and tear is an inevitable consequence of daily operation. Therefore, scheduled servicing and maintenance is a significant factor to keep your EFFIMAT solution in good shape for the future.

A tailored EFFIMAT service agreement for scheduled services at fixed rates is your assurance of a well-maintained storage solution in tip-top condition, performing at its best.

Flexible, reliable and skilled service

In the daily operation of your EFFIMAT solution, the value of spare parts is often underestimated. Failure to prioritise spare parts can end up being costly.

To avoid the tiniest part turning out to be the most costly, and to maintain a high level of uptime and production, we advise you to stock a recommended spare parts package covering critical parts to keep everything running smoothly.

24/7 online support

24/7/365 technicians and engineers are ready to help around the clock.

PLC specialists can assist you around the clock. With remote support, you are guaranteed the best support to keep everything running all the time.

The EFFIMAT 24/7 agreement guarantees you online support whenever you need it. You can also have the option of telephone support for mechanical and electrical installations.

Your EFFIMAT solution is dynamic and is designed to stay relevant

EFFIMAT keeps you updated on new opportunities through ongoing product development and provides inspiration for further improvements and automation.