EFFIMAT is rethinking efficiency in high speed picking and compact storage solutions

We are EFFIMAT Storage Technology A/S

EFFIMAT solutions are developed and produced in Denmark. We started in 2011. Now we’re in 50 countries around the world. Our team is young and full of energy, known for being professional, forward-thinking and ambitious. We make decisions fast and have an open-minded culture of curiosity.

We’ve got EFFIMAT partners all over the globe helping us with sales and support right where it’s needed. This keeps us in the loop with what’s happening in the market and lets us stay ahead of the latest trends, needs and opportunities to innovate.

EFFIMAT is the storage and picking solution of the future:

EFFIMAT is also a proud member of Odense Robotics, Denmark’s major robotics and drones hub. This place is buzzing with companies, schools and lots of partners working on cool projects. Being part of this community helps us grow and come up with new ideas faster.

Maximize your storage efficiency

Discover how low energy, high durability, and flexible solutions can revolutionize your storage.


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EFFIMAT is a scalable and progressive storage partner

A safe and long-term investment for all companies that handle orders with multiple units and smaller items

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