EFFIMAT is elevating businesses with intelligent compact storage and high-speed solutions

EFFIMAT solutions create value for large and small companies alike. We are proud of our many customer collaborations, where we optimise warehouse flows and improve bottom lines with future-proof, agile and compact solutions.



SkatePro have been able to fulfil their ambitions of a highly comprised warehouse, with a high picking speed and a fast access to the products – and better ergonomics.


Sinful is restructuring its storage solution to free up space and resources for new functions

Regionshospitalet Gødstrup

Centralizing bed storage in separate E/Porter modules has provided the hospital with many advantages.

Maximize your storage efficiency

Discover how low energy, high durability, and flexible solutions can revolutionize your storage.

EFFIMAT is a scalable and progressive storage partner

A safe and long-term investment for all companies that handle orders with multiple units and smaller items

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