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Vertical Lift Module - ClassicMat

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Build your business case

One of our customers has optimized their order throughput by 514% by bringing goods to man instead of man to goods. Click this link and see for yourselves if you can build a similar business case on your operation.

The EffiMat® and the ClassicMat™

Whether for automated storage or high-speed order picking optimization, the EffiMat® and the ClassicMat™ provide efficient day-to-day management and intelligent storage across the entire value chain.

Vertical Lift Module - ClassicMat


We are expanding

New things are happening at EFFIMAT and just a couple of weeks ago we took over the buildings just beside our existing facilities.

EffiMat Storage Technology becomes EFFIMAT

It started with an idea to disrupt the traditional Vertical Lift Module. The EffiMat® was developed and a new era began.

Some of our customers


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