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Vertical Lift Module - ClassicMat

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One of our customers has optimized their order throughput by 514% by bringing goods to an instead of man to goods. Click this link and see for yourselves if you can build a similar business case on your operation.

The EffiMat® and the ClassicMat™

Whether for automated storage or high-speed order picking optimization, the EffiMat® and the ClassicMat™ provide efficient day-to-day management and intelligent storage across the entire value chain.

Vertical Lift Module - ClassicMat


Stavanger HospiMat

EffiMat will supply new technology to hospital in Stavanger

As the first hospital in the country, SUS2023 will use lift-based robots for storage of beds and hospital supplies with a total of 4 HospiMat and 5 EffiMat.

Introducing The HOSPIMAT

At EFFIMAT, we have a vision to revolutionize, redefine and rethink intralogistics and for the past few years, we have been working on a new solution that will complement the Hospitals of tomorrow.

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