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Vertical Lift Module - ClassicMat

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By bringing goods to man, instead of man to goods, through a combination of ClassicMat™  Vertical Lift Modules and EffiMat® storage robots, a manufacturing and distribution customer gained a 514% higher throughput efficiency which resulted in 69% fewer resources spend on picking. Learn more of what our customers gained in the following cases.

The EffiMat® and the ClassicMat™

Whether for automated storage or high-speed order picking optimization, the EffiMat® and the ClassicMat™ provide efficient day-to-day management and intelligent storage across the entire value chain.

Vertical Lift Module - ClassicMat



Case: OFI Testing Equipment - Finding the optimal storage solution

Expand the facility and hire more people or optimize the processes of those employees who already works in the warehouse – that was the challenge OFITE faced when they were growing.

Its exhibition season

The fall is always a busy time for us and we have participated in no less than eight exhibitions and event over the past few months.

Electronic production and logistics combined

We try to look at the processes as a whole and we still see a lot of potential for improvement, especially within intralogistics

Some of our customers


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