EFFIMAT helps you realise your business potential

At EFFIMAT, we’re all about data and insights. Every EFFIMAT solution is tailored to fit the specific conditions, needs and potential of your business. We take the time to understand your business, your financial situation, your available space and your production flow.


Optimise your business with EFFIMAT

We consider factors like space, order lines, resources and occupancy rate. By analysing your warehouse data, we work with you to find the best storage and picking solution for your needs. You’ll receive a detailed budget for the solution, including operating and service agreements, as well as an ROI calculation.


Reshape speed and space with storage and picking efficiency

EFFIMAT ensures a smooth installation process, provides necessary adaptations and integrations and offers training for your staff.


Grow your business potential with EFFIMAT

Our secure online service and cooperation agreement offer constant monitoring of your flow. This helps prevent breakdowns in production through remote troubleshooting, onsite service checks and a 24/7 hotline.

EFFIMAT keeps you updated on new opportunities through ongoing product development and provides inspiration for further improvements and automation.

Your EFFIMAT solution is dynamic and is designed to stay relevant

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