EffiMat Storage Technology becomes EFFIMAT

It started with an idea to disrupt the traditional Vertical Lift Module – a great solution for storage, but an inefficient old-fashioned technology. The EffiMat® was developed and a new era of picking optimization began. Picking and handling has never been faster, in fact EffiMat® delivers 650 order lines per hour. Some still see our EffiMat® as a VLM, however it is anything but! The EffiMat® is efficiency, it is optimization, it is SPEED.

We do have other technologies such as the traditional VLM – our ClassicMat™. The ClassicMat™ is ideal for storing slow movers, large and heavy items, and it really does optimize storage. However, we are driven by speed and believe that it is what define our company. One day we looked at our name EFFIMAT Storage Technology and realized that we are so much more than just storage. Therefore, you will of today see us as being simply EFFIMAT.

EffiMat vertical lift module
ClassicMat Solution for warehouse optimization
HospiMat Solution - efficiecy at glance