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hospital beds


E/Porter is a specialized storage and transport module tailored for hospital beds. Built into a shaft or added to an existing building.

Running a modern hospital is in many ways comparable to running an industrial company. Streamlining internal processes and making optimal use of human resources are important elements in reducing operational costs. EFFIMAT contributes to this by offering a range of storage and transport modules designed to minimise the need for manual transport of goods, beds and sterile equipment within the hospital.

E/Porter specialised storage and transport module tailored for hospital beds

Centralising storage of beds in a dedicated module saves manual handling and eliminates the need for local buffer stocks, normally distributed across hospital floors.    

The E/Porter enables supply chain management to control distribution of beds in a timely manner and in the right quantities, keeping track of the overall availability of clean/soiled beds. 

E/Porter plays an important role in the trend towards separate transit of people and materials in a hospital. This helps to avoid bottlenecks at peak times, and frees staff up for other tasks.  

Though only a small part of the entire logistics process in a hospital, E/Porter contributes significantly to reducing the running costs of handling beds in the traditional way. The typical return on investment (ROI) is approx. 5 years. 

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E/Porter is a specialized storage and transport module tailored for hospital beds and can be built into a shaft or as an addition to existing structures.


Regionshospitalet Gødstrup

Centralizing bed storage in separate E/Porter modules has provided the hospital with many advantages.

Ole Mentz

Sales Manager Hospitals

EFFIMAT is a scalable and progressive storage partner

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