Reshape your storage and picking efficiency

EFFIMAT is a leader in vertical picking and storage solutions and helps you to maximise your existing storage space

The modular solution can be developed and adapted, again and again. With EFFIMAT, uptime is maximum – while the need for manpower and storage space is reduced. With a built-in intelligent online service system, you always have an overview of status and flow – and thus maintain production flow and agility.

EFFIMAT is a boost to your efficiency and to your business.

Add compact capacity

Effimat 4 + E/Compact

Add high speed flexibility

Effimat 4 + E/Classic

Add custom service

Intelligent services for your business

Next level efficiency in high speed picking and vertical storage solutions

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Maximize your storage efficiency

Discover how low energy, high durability, and flexible solutions can revolutionize your storage.

EFFIMAT is a scalable and progressive storage partner

A safe and long-term investment for all companies that handle orders with multiple units and smaller items

Add compact capacity

Effimat 4 + E/Compact

Effimat 4 + E/Compact is the unique, all-in-one combination of high-speed and high-capacity storage. It optimises space by handling both storage and retrieval efficiently, with seamless, automated refilling and loading of the Effimat 4.

Add high-speed flexibility

Effimat 4 + E/Classic

E/Classic provides fast and flexible storage for all types of items, including heavy and long items. This EFFIMAT mix hybrid delivers a versatile storage solution for various inventory needs.

Add custom service

EFFIMAT service packages

We tailor our service plans to align with your operational data, fine-tuning maintenance schedules to match your system usage. Our remote support swiftly resolves issues without the need for site visits, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and downtime is minimised. EFFIMAT provides a range of service packages, each crafted to meet your unique needs.

EFFIMAT modules for compact storage solution

Effimat 4

Stands out for its speed and space-saving vertical stacking


Designed to maximise storage efficiency and handle large items


Volume system designed to automatically store and retrieve items for Effimat 4 while preparing orders

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