The EFFIMAT solution gives the opportunity to radically reduce the picking area

The flexible and modular storage and picking solution from EFFIMAT optimally utilizes the warehouse's varying ceiling heights and uses every inch of height.



+10 European countries

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5 x

Faster picking speed

25 x

Areal reduction


6 x Effimat
4 x E/Classic is Scandinavia’s largest online retailer of erotic toys, shipping products to more than 10 European countries. The company deals with around 6,000 stock-keeping units and offers next-day delivery with up to 365 days return policy. employs 100 people, with 45 working in the warehouse in two shifts, 6 days a week, handling between 6,500 and 7,500 order lines daily. has experienced significant growth in recent years and has needed to streamline its flow through a more streamlined supply chain and improved delivery service. Therefore, they are in the process of compressing their warehouse space and optimizing efficiency.
The EFFIMAT solution allows to downsize the picking warehouse from 2,500 m² to under 100 m². The flexible and modular storage and picking solution optimally utilizes the warehouse’s different ceiling heights and uses every inch of height. Thus, a large area is freed up for other functions. The restructuring also means a better ergonomic working environment compared to previous manual handling, while also reducing the need for manpower.
The investment in the custom-made EFFIMAT solution gives Sinful the opportunity to look into a future with high delivery reliability and more business. At the same time, it creates new potentials for the future, e.g., in terms of automation.

"The investment in the storage and picking solution from EFFIMAT takes us from Sinful 1.0 to Sinful 3.0."

Ibrahim Kara, director of logistics & warehouse

EFFIMAT is a scalable and progressive storage partner

A safe and long-term investment for all companies that handle orders with multiple units and smaller items