SkatePro optimized its storage space by 300% with EFFIMAT

SkatePro have been able to fulfil their ambitions of a highly comprised warehouse, with a high picking speed, a fast access to the products – and better ergonomics.



Europa, North America, Australia

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3 x

Faster picking speed


Better use of space

2,5 years

Return on investment


4 x Effimat 4
5 x E/Classic

SkatePro ApS started in 1996 and is today an important player on the action sports scene, both in Europe and the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. The company offers a large selection of gear, accessories and clothing for action sports. SkatePro s a classic e-commerce company that receives many goods arriving daily, which are put in stock and shipped continuously. More than 100 employees take care of the day-to-day operations, of which approximately 40 are employed in the warehouse.

SkatePro previously faced major challenges in terms of space. The new EFFIMAT solution makes optimal use of the ceiling height of 6 meters and has provided 300% more space in the same area. The solution is modular and is adapted to the company’s needs. At the same time, major improvements have been made to the working environment. The working position is now appropriate and ergonomically correct without the physically taxing bending, stretching and twisting of the body.

The EFFIMAT solution has given a significant boost to efficiency, increasing picking speed by 300%. Today, 27% of the orders are processed through the EFFIMAT solution and the target is 40%. The expected ROI is 2,5 years.

It was a great collaboration with EFFIMAT. I thought:
"This is something we do together."

 Carsten Schmidt, CEO

EFFIMAT is a scalable and progressive storage partner

A safe and long-term investment for all companies that handle orders with multiple units and smaller items